The Bhâgavata Purâna
The Story of the Lord and His devotees. Concatenated, read and with the previous edition added. Plus links to the Sanskrit and word for word translation.

The Bhagavad Gîtâ
Lord Krishna's sermon on the field. Concatenated, read, with the previous version, plus the links to the Sanskrit word for word presentation and translation of Swami Prabhupâda.

The Vaishnava Bhajans
The music, de mantras, of the disciplic succession.

The Art
The paintings of the devotion around Krishna as also the bhajans as composed by the âcârya's.

Lexicon of names and terms
All names and basic terms described and linked up.

Sanskrit Dictionary
A dictionary Sanskrit-English of [almost] all the Sanskriet terms used.

Files for quickly looking up a word or to load in an e-book reader.

Individual sites of devotees

- Anand Aadhar Prabhu: Translations, articles.
also offers the
Bhâgavata Wiki - Contribute!
Colin Meijer's Krishna Art: Krishna drawings.
Kadamba Kânana Swami - Official homepage.
- Madhava Priya devî dâsî: Paintings.
Nandanandana dâsa: Vaishnava articles and links.
Prithu das Adhikâri : Jezus and Krishna.
Sakhya Devî dâsî: Krishna and Baba.
S'rî Hayes'var das (Hendrik van Teylingen): memorial site (Dutch only).
- Prema (Wim Kuenen): Art in the gallery of Wim Kuenen
Vladimir Holst: Krishna-conscious paintings.
- Uddhava Das: library 108, CD-shop.
- Vrindavan Das - devotional paintings
S. Bansidhar, P Ramadhin
  Gauranga Premananda Das e.a.: Onbekend maakt Onbemind: de Nederlandse Hindoe in Beeld!
- Rûpa Sanâtana Dâsa: Standard translations into Dutch: a list of ISKCON terms and expressions
- Pushkar's Painting Gallery: ISKCON paintings.
P.S. Krishna Iyer: Tales From The Bhagavatam; Retold For Children. - Download
Deva Premal & Miten: sings beautifully the basic mantras
Aka Janmanalaya (Johannes Ptok): expressive Krishna-conscious art.
Drigha Dasi (Dominique Amendola). Painted some well-known works of Krishna-conscious art.
- Premananda (Peter Krijger):
Atma Instituut
- Stephen Knapp: prolific Krishna-conscious writer and webmaster. With an art gallery of free to use images.
- Parividha Das: Vedic theatre artist. His musicals and dramas are about pastimes of the Lord or His devotees. In the comedies he has tried to get one or more philosophical points across.
- Bhakta ( Monroe) René: Self Realization. Introduction to spirituality, the theory of the process and the enlightened state of consciousness. 
- Ananda Swarupa: Karma Free Trust. Downloads of the Krishna-book and the Teachings of Lord Caitanya in epub.

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