About Myself





To see my drawings of Krishna, please choose one of the halls above


Hall One contains drawings of Krishna and Râdhâ together.
Corridor 1 - Corridor 2 - Corridor 3

Hall Two contains drawings of Krishna alone.
Corridor 1 - Corridor 2 - Corridor 3 - Corridor 4

Hall Three contains drawings of Krishna in the Forest with Animals.
Corridor 1 - Corridor 2  

Hall Four contains a drawing of Vishnu.

Hall Five contains drawings of Krishna with others.

Hall Six contains a drawing of Krishna with the Gopis.

Hall Seven contains a drawing of Ganesha, also known as Ganapati.

Hall Eight contains drawings of Lord S'iva.

Hall Nine contains drawings of other Goddesses.
Corridor 1 - Corridor 2  

Hall Ten contains a drawing of Lord Brahmâ.

Hall Eleven contains two drawings of Krishna in 
His childhood. 

Hall Twelve contains a drawing of Râma. 

Hall Thirteen contains drawings of Flowers. 

Hall Fourteen contains drawings of Symbols. 

Hall Fifteen contains drawings of God's creation. 

Hall Sixteen contains a drawing of  my inspiration. 


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